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UX Designer & Researcher exploring AR and Sensory Design | 🌐✨ Seeking opportunities with companies/apps in art, culture, and mental health. Let's connect! 🎨

🌎  7+ years in Tech Software Support Apple Pro Apps, UX Design, UX Research 🌎  German Native, Fluent in English & Dutch

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UX Skills

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Results of a test on

Results of a test on

My Education

🎓 UX Research Course (IU Akademie) 🎓 Certificate CPUX-F and CPUX-UR (International Certificate) 🎓 APD list UX Mentor, NN group courses, Interaction Design Foundation (Various) 🎓 Certificate UX UI Design (Ironhack Bootcamp) 🎓 Certificate Digital Media Design & Development (Munster Technological University)

🎓 Bachelor of Fine Arts Multi-Media Installations | Video, Audio, Photography, Sensory Design Visitor Experience | Special and Sensory Perception | 🎓 Bachelor of Arts Art Therapy | Psychotherapy, Developmental Psychology, Qualitative Research, Participatory observation methods, Human-material /-image interactions

My Bookshelf

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Hi, I am Petra!

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