Petra Kühnle

UX Researcher, Berlin | Remote

Welcome to my "Manual of Me." I am Petra Kühnle, a dedicated UX Researcher with a passion for unlocking the secrets of User Psychology, driven by a deep appreciation for the art of Qualitative User Interviews.

<aside> 🏢 How I work best

Adaptable Schedule: I'm in my element when I have the flexibility to customize my work hours, allowing me to optimize productivity according to my unique rhythm.

Focused Remote Work: The remote work environment empowers me to channel my concentration into delivering high-quality results, free from distractions.

Valuing Diversity: I thrive in environments that embrace diverse skills and work styles, nurturing innovation and resilience. This core value harmonizes seamlessly with my dedication to UX, where people and their distinctive experiences take center stage.

Writing things down: Proactive agenda-setting ensures purposeful and efficient meetings, while documenting decisions and progress serves as a reliable record of our collective journey.

Extended Focus Hours: I reach my peak performance during extended, uninterrupted work sessions, which prove invaluable when tackling intricate and complex tasks.

Effective Collaboration: My expertise shines within a collaborative and flat hierarchy, where fostering ownership is not just encouraged but celebrated.


<aside> 🏢 Inspiring Work place cultures

Gitlab - Sid Sijbrandij Gitlab Handbook ****Levels - Sam Corcos Spotify - Daniel Ek


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